September 4 update

We have replaced the photo on the ‘cover page’ of the web site – the one to the left of the receiver – with a short video of the receiver picking up CHU – Canada  – just below the 80 meter amateur band. Tonight’s signal has a little fade on it. Be sure to turn up the audio on your computer to hear the station.  Our antenna this evening was our 80/40 trap dipole fed with  75 ohm coaxial cable. However, we chose to use it as a straight wire. This required disconnecting the ground side of the cable with the clip provided and resetting the remaining clip on the link for best signal.  Sounds complicated, but it just takes a few minutes to learn. After all, you are always listening for the loudest and best signal.  Other activities here at Pastime Projects continues… More later… Enjoy this weather the days are getting shorter!  73 es bcnu!

Glenn NN8G


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