Matching 50 ohm antenna to the 6V6 Xmtr

Pastime Projects 6V6 Transmitter Kit, Power Supply, and Key

Pastime Projects 6V6 Transmitter Kit, Power Supply, and Key

SEPTEMBER 7, 2009    A recent builder of our 6V6 transmitter reports the kit “works great” but is concerned about 2nd harmonics and attaching low pass filters. You see, he is using an inverted L fed with ladder line. While this a great match to his link coil on the 6V6 transmitter, this design is much like the original 1940 and 1950 configuration.  It caused 2nd harmonic interference back then, and still can. He wants to know how to best get some low pass filtering into the system. We will look at this ASAP and make some suggestions. These will  be published in a special edition e-newletter. If room, it will be republished here.  Whatever we say can be copied at your convenience. It is for public  information. Just understand I write from and to hams from a practical background. I am not a professional registered electronic engineer and my advice is worth every cent I will charge – absolutely free!  If you do run copies of my writings, would you please credit us and our company? (The manuals in our kits is an exception – they represent a lot of work, and we ask you to  buy the manuals from us rather than run copies)
If you want the copy of the article on matching antennas, just email me at and we will add  you to the list.  
Very Best Regards  Glenn Brown NN8G

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