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New Link to 6V6 Transmitter QST Article

October 28, 2009

Go to the main page on the Pastime Projects Web Site ….  …. and scroll down to the 6V6 transmitter description. There just click on the spot indicated and you go directly to the wonderful “Old Radio” column writeup about our transmitter as found in QST magazine.

Special Announcement

October 27, 2009

Pastime Projects will not be shipping products between November 5 and November 15.  All other functions will be ‘open for business’.  If  you order anything between now and November 5, we will do our best to expedite delivery. Any questions or comments contact us through our contact page or, simply email us at  In any case, you should receive an acknowledgement/reply within 24 to 48 hours. 

An e-newsletter should be on the way to those on our list within the next few days.  Again, if you want to receive these newsletters,  please email us at the above address.  The customer list is growing. We do not share or sell customer information. We will take you off the distribution at any time in the future at your request….   73 es BCNU  Glenn NN8G

Additional Filter Work

October 17, 2009

Pastime Projects has continued to organize the CWAZ-LP2 filter project. At this time we have the necessary parts to pack and ship filters for all frequencies listed in the filter description. The capacitors supplied are now packed on a foam block and labeled as to value and component callout. We are reviewing the instruction pages and will probably re-write to further simplify the assembly.  Further testing of filters continues.  The  design still requires use of assembly on a perf board, but stay tuned!   News on the qrp “lookma” oscillator will be released soon.  Other announcements follow. The newsletter will be released towards the end of the month. Again, all you need to do to get the e-newsletter is to email me at the addresses listed on the contact page or use my  call sign at  73 Glenn NN8G

e-newsletter released today

October 7, 2009

6V6 Kit testing with low impedence output

The testing and report of the 6V6 transmitter kit and issues concerning matching the output link to coax line was finished today.  Report detailed other issues concerning 2nd harmonics. Please email us (see Contact Us page) for a copy of the e-newsletter. There is no obligation.  73 Glenn