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The Start of the Holidays

November 25, 2009

Today could be called Thanksgiving Day Eve and it is the start of our Holiday season.  We wish each of you a safe, sane, and healthy Holiday Season.  Share what you have been given with a less fortunate one .. They are everywhere this year. Follow your heart.  The need is great.

We have advertised some of our products on eBay.  Look at the top of our ‘home page’ on the web site. There is a place to double click to go directly into our eBay page. Dont forget to hit the ‘back’ key to return to our web page!  We would hate to lose you somewhere in eBay.  .

The November newsletter is being prepared now. If  we don’t get it out to you soon, we will have to call in the December issue.  Again, this is the newsletter that we email to our friends who have asked to be ‘on the list’. It is news of latest developments at Pastime Projects along with some homespun news from those who have experienced ham radio for more than a half century. 

Don’t overlook Sue’s ear-rings on our Jewelry page. This little gift to the XYL will certainly brighten her day a little!  73 es BCNU!  Pastime Projects

Pastime Projects Shipping Now

November 19, 2009

The shipping department is in full production.  There may be some delays in shipping as we enter the Holiday season.  Our normal lead time goal is four or less working days from order entry. This may slip a day or so.  We will email any major delays to our customers.  We have several things on the bench right now. Hope to announce these within the next two weeks. 


The e-Newsletter for October is published

November 3, 2009

The October 31 newsletter has been emailed to our Pastime Projects customers who are on the newsletter list.  The newsletter covered such topics as propagation,  use of HF bands,  antenna comments,  QRP comments, packaging of mini capacitors as used in the Pastime Projects low pass filter kits, and some comments on using old CB type Field Strength/SWR meters.

As noted on the web home page, we think there may be a larger audience wanting to receive the newsletter (and perhaps the blog and web pages as well!).. The publications use a lot of photos, illustrations, and drawings in the preparation. If you remember the old (Dial Up) connections to the internet, the reader would usually give up way before any photos or video began to appear on the screen.  Please check with your friends. If this is their problem and if they want to hear what Pastime Projects is up to these days, please email us at and tell us!  We will compile the results.  Usually we are quick to acknowledge emails, but the compilation will take a little longer.  Please be patient. 

We are thinking of a mailing of some sort through the Post Office.  Or perhaps a text only newsletter.  Let us know!  73  Glenn  Pastime Projects…