The e-Newsletter for October is published

The October 31 newsletter has been emailed to our Pastime Projects customers who are on the newsletter list.  The newsletter covered such topics as propagation,  use of HF bands,  antenna comments,  QRP comments, packaging of mini capacitors as used in the Pastime Projects low pass filter kits, and some comments on using old CB type Field Strength/SWR meters.

As noted on the web home page, we think there may be a larger audience wanting to receive the newsletter (and perhaps the blog and web pages as well!).. The publications use a lot of photos, illustrations, and drawings in the preparation. If you remember the old (Dial Up) connections to the internet, the reader would usually give up way before any photos or video began to appear on the screen.  Please check with your friends. If this is their problem and if they want to hear what Pastime Projects is up to these days, please email us at and tell us!  We will compile the results.  Usually we are quick to acknowledge emails, but the compilation will take a little longer.  Please be patient. 

We are thinking of a mailing of some sort through the Post Office.  Or perhaps a text only newsletter.  Let us know!  73  Glenn  Pastime Projects…


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