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Countdown to the New Year

December 28, 2009

December 28 Snow

Looking Forward

December 25, 2009

We enjoyed the family gathering here. So much happiness, so much good news. We  as a family seem to seek and find the beauty and good in all things. With such an outlook, how could we not look forward to the coming New Year? I am really excited about the things that we plan for 2010. Happy, bright and warm  New Year to You!

Times are Changing

December 19, 2009

Ohio has had a significant snowfall today. Daylight  hours are very short. Did you know , in three days, the daylight will reverse its course and start to become longer? That is good news. There is more Good News for we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25th.  For Christians that is Good News.  We wish all a wonderful Season of Hope.  Whatever your belief (that inner resting place) we hope you find peace, optimism, love, hope and joy today.  Thank  you for following our little business through this year.  We hope we can bring new products to  you next year.  If nothing else,  perhaps a few minutes in this blog, or in our web site, or on  our email newsletter will give your mind a little diversion. Best wishes from Glenn …..NN8G….. Pastime projects.

What is New?

December 11, 2009

Today we added a link to our eBay sales.  Some items are one-of-a -kind and others are production parts,  products and stock surplus. We hope to add additional pages to the web site to list and describe these kind of items in the near future. Some of the new regenerative receiver kits were shipped less the main tuning variable capacitor. The packing list is broken down into sub assemblies. Unfortunately, the envelope that holds the parts and hardware for the tuning sub assembly is too small to hold the tuning capacitor itself. Therefore, we have to pack it separately. Minor problem, but easy to overlook. Of course, the capacitor is mailed priority mail at no charge to the customer.   The newsletter is due out now.  Stay tuned. Glenn NN8G 

Seasons Change

December 3, 2009

The weather is changing in Ohio. Goes from warm to cold and back again. We have had a trace of snow. Now it looks like the cold is settling in. That’s not all bad! It means that you and I will start to look for indoor activities, and that may mean a radio project or two.  We have several under way at Pastime Projects and will write about them in our newsletter. (Are you on the list?)  With improving conditions on HF,  try to communicate with your friends with the amplifier off.  Under most conditions, they wont notice any difference except a drop of a few “S” units if they should glance at the meter.  Meanwhile, you will save energy and perhaps some interference on the adjacent SSB channels.  73 Glenn NN8G Pastime Projects