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Changes Coming

January 31, 2010

Pay Pal has announced acceptance of payments through credit cards from buyers who do not have a PayPal account.  This was announced through an email from eBay (who owns PayPal).  This email applied to purchases on eBay.   I checked with them, and they said it would cover purchases from our web site as well.  We need to change an internal procedure a little, but this should be up and working soon. 

When you bid on eBay or click on our “Buy It Now” buttons, it will recognise that you are not a PayPal customer (if that is the case) and redirect your purchase to an equally safe internal and secure PayPal procedure which can process your credit card. 

The title, “Changes Coming” used in this blog today also refers to our weather. It will be much better in a couple weeks. Guaranteed!

OOOPs!  Our publishing of the web page got ahead of our marketing promises.  We will extend the lower special price and the extra tube offer on the regenerative receiver kit until midnight Sunday January 31st.

Very Best Wishes  Glenn Pastime Projects


January 25, 2010

We are going through our company financials (tax time) and realize how well we did during 2009.  You, our customers and followers, found enough interest in our products to continue to buy right through the downturn in the economy. There are so many new ideas for Pastime Projects; we will continue to bring them to you as our way of saying “Thanks!”

Dont forget to hit the eBay button;  there may be a bargain there for you.   73 Glenn  pastimeprojects (at)


January 22, 2010

Our new 4 inch speakers are selling on eBay.  I dont think  you will find the right combination of impedance,  power,  and frequency response any less expensive for communications work.  We also have a few 6L6 tubes – made in China – brand new – for auction on eBay.  Price starting at $4.00 for 4 tubes – last time I looked there were no bids. These were purchased for use in our transmitters and were tested with good results.  The new audio kits are due out very soon. Glenn NN8G

Speaker now available

January 16, 2010

These speakers were purchased for an upcoming project. They are for sale to those who may need a good communications speaker for replacement or home brew project.  Have good power handling capability in a small but common size. These will arrive tested and working. If not, you dont need to contact asia to get a replacement!  We will exchange or give you your money back.

Speaker and Amplifier on the way

January 14, 2010

We have purchased some very nice “replacement” speakers which seem to be getting hard to fine. These are suitable for home brew communications projects and many receivers which may need a new speaker. These are nominal 4 inch and have a good communications range and wattage level. More on the web pages soon. Also working on a new amplifier kit. It has many features we like. Wont go into details here, but watch for the announcement. Lots going on. 73 Glenn Pastime Projects

Changes to web pages

January 4, 2010

We have added a new page to the web site in the last few days. The pages are selected by the “buttons” that appear on the left hand side of the ‘home’ page. The latest button is for transmitter kits. We have moved the “Lookma” and “Remember When” kits (the qrp tube oscillator and the 6V6 80/40 meter oscillator) to this new page. The blue buttons appear on each of our pages.  They are there to help you find your way back to the main page.  Of course, you can always hit the “back” button at the top of your computer screen as well. Had you noticed the movie showing the operation of the regenerative receiver is back? Hope it isnt too annoying. It will run through its brief cycle once then stop.  If you don’t hear anything, turn up your computer volume. We sometimes advertise on eBay. There is an eBay button to take you right into our eBay page.  We try to remember to put this button in a prominent place on the home page when eBay activity is underway. More changes coming – stay tuned!  – And Stay Warm!  Glenn NN8G

Welcome 2010

January 1, 2010

We would like to thank our Pastime Projects customers and faithful followers who have made 2009 a very good year. It seems that new ideas flow a lot faster than the process that leads to new products. We do have some neat things coming in 2010. We look forward to introducing new products on our web site , and discussing new ideas and old tech tips here and on our monthly e-newsletter.  Again, thanks to all!  Glenn NN8G