Changes to web pages

We have added a new page to the web site in the last few days. The pages are selected by the “buttons” that appear on the left hand side of the ‘home’ page. The latest button is for transmitter kits. We have moved the “Lookma” and “Remember When” kits (the qrp tube oscillator and the 6V6 80/40 meter oscillator) to this new page. The blue buttons appear on each of our pages.  They are there to help you find your way back to the main page.  Of course, you can always hit the “back” button at the top of your computer screen as well. Had you noticed the movie showing the operation of the regenerative receiver is back? Hope it isnt too annoying. It will run through its brief cycle once then stop.  If you don’t hear anything, turn up your computer volume. We sometimes advertise on eBay. There is an eBay button to take you right into our eBay page.  We try to remember to put this button in a prominent place on the home page when eBay activity is underway. More changes coming – stay tuned!  – And Stay Warm!  Glenn NN8G


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