Changes Coming

Pay Pal has announced acceptance of payments through credit cards from buyers who do not have a PayPal account.  This was announced through an email from eBay (who owns PayPal).  This email applied to purchases on eBay.   I checked with them, and they said it would cover purchases from our web site as well.  We need to change an internal procedure a little, but this should be up and working soon. 

When you bid on eBay or click on our “Buy It Now” buttons, it will recognise that you are not a PayPal customer (if that is the case) and redirect your purchase to an equally safe internal and secure PayPal procedure which can process your credit card. 

The title, “Changes Coming” used in this blog today also refers to our weather. It will be much better in a couple weeks. Guaranteed!

OOOPs!  Our publishing of the web page got ahead of our marketing promises.  We will extend the lower special price and the extra tube offer on the regenerative receiver kit until midnight Sunday January 31st.

Very Best Wishes  Glenn Pastime Projects


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