Busy, Busy

Reminder: The Mansfield Ohio Hamfest & Computer show is this Sunday February 14, 2010. Doors open 7am.  PastimeProjects will be at Tables A-4 and A-5,  near the front (rest room side) of Fairhaven Hall. Please stop by and say hi!  Need more info? see http://www.w8we.org .

We have added a direct link to Brian AF4K’s web page on our parts page near the crystals. Bry is THE place for crystals.  We have dealt with him for years, and he certainly has always treated us very well.  Give him a try if we  do not list the crystal you need.

We are working HARD on the new solid state amplifier kit, a new very well made speaker to match …made in USA… a  new combination power supply, amplifier, speaker kit , and a choice of buying parts or the package .  The parts for our manufacture of plug-in coil forms are arriving daily. We intend to add plug in coils and other updates to our regenerative receiver. Plug-in coils will be available for use on your own projects.

 73 Glenn pastimeprojects@yahoo.com


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