Next Hamfest: We hope to visit the Toledo Hamfest and Computer Fair on March 21, 2010 at its new location at the Owens Community College on Oregon Road in Perrysburg.  More info at http://tmrahamradio.org.  We have attended this hamfest many years and it is one of our favorites.  New dial pointer: One of the many close-to-completion items is a new dial pointer for the regen receiver. New audio kit: Another project which has proven itself on the bench. New parts – modular printed circuit board with components, new speaker,  new switch,  (power supply option) new battery connector are all in stock.  Work remains on prototype front panel and the g assembly manual.  New octal base coil forms: Sitting next to me as I write this is one of our new octal base coil forms.  Plans are for both a 1  1/4 inch diameter and a 1  1/2 inch form. Again, we plan to offer these both as individual parts as well as incorporate into our forms.  Monthly email newsletter release:  In preparation now,  it should go to our customer base within the next few days.  Go to ‘contact us’ page to get on the list for the e-newsletter if you have not already done so.  When you contact us,  we usually send an acknowledging email within 24 hours.  Email pastimeprojects (at) yahoo.com  TNX es BCNU!  Glenn


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