Road Trip

Yesterday we visited one of our vendors located towards the eastern end of Ohio.  We had a very nice travel day, and finally were able to open the windows on the car a little and let in the fresh warm air. 

In the couple hours we spent with our supplier, we gained a lot of knowledge of his operation.  With his experience and advice, we were able to design the  needed parts for the new project on the bench.  We had a better understanding of his costs, and could make decisions that reduced cost while improving product.  Last, and  perhaps most important, we learned more about this businessman’s integrity and determination to produce quality products every time.

Since the computer here has been running slowly,  it was time to make the trip and resolve issues face to face.  We save countless hours of emails and phone calls.  The computer meanwhile has an appointment with the ‘doctors’ to resolve its issues!

Happy ending all around!   73 ES BCNU!  Glenn NN8G   pastimeprojects(at)yahoo(dot)com


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