I took off the “Welcome Spring” cartoon from the front page of the www.pastimeprojects.com web page. Late yesterday it started to snow and didnt let up until about midnight or beyond. Way heavier than expected, and totally iced up the roads here.  Then, about midnight, the lights went off.  The electric was out until 7:00 am.  Down around freezing all night. The house stayed warm enough, and all was ok, but maybe we will wait a few more weeks before we try to “Welcome Spring” again!  The coil forms are now being put together.  When we introduce the 1 1/2 inch diameter forms we will try to make them one piece – totally fitting over the octal base – so that they can survive the pushing and pulling of being put in the octal sockets.

More later…. Glenn NN8G   pastimeprojects (at) yahoo.com


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