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Sharing Videos

April 25, 2010

We have temporarily stopped showing videos on the home page. We learned today that there are better ways to share our videos of our products in operation. We want to improve video sharing,  so look for the results on the home page very soon.  The final wraps on the audio kit are being completed. Thanks for your patience. We are glad that Pastime Projects is busy. It surely is better than having no business.  Thanks again for not only your patience, but your continued support and purchases. Glenn


April 22, 2010

The revised audio amplifier is shown in a “Flip” video link on the Home page of  It is demonstrating our regenerative receiver. If you have patience, you will see the tuning of am stations, cw and ssb on the 80/75 meter ham bands.  This was taken in the evening with our old 80/40 meter dipole serving as receive antenna  . Demonstrating our 12u7 12k5 ‘space charge’ amplifier with a new front panel, built in speaker, and on-off switch. This amplifier with very slight modifications produced a lot more volume.  We are incorporating this change in the design. We are taking a hard look at costs and hope to add value while containing added costs. More later. Glenn

Update on Projects

April 16, 2010

There is so much going on. One lesson we are learning at Pastime Projects is don’t promise a completion date!  Just doesn’t work.  Still think its o.k. to tell you what is going on. (1) The new front panels for both versions of our new audio amplifiers are here in stock. (2) All other parts are in stock.  (3) The prototype of the 12 volt version passed with flying colors. (4) The electronics of the new version passed tests.  Now just have to build the prototype.  A new product is underway in which the prototype used a new one of our plug-in coil forms.  These are easy to work with and seem very rugged.  The newsletter is past due but it is coming.  No one is more anxious that I am to see these product introductions so have patience.  The regenerative receiver is slated for updates.  We want more versatile performance out of that receiver.  For those interested in the 200 volt power supply without the wood chassis please write.  These components continue to climb in cost, but our selling price will be determined on what we negotiated when purchased.  These new transformers, for instance,  will sell well below retail  and these came directly from the factory to us just months ago.   73  Glenn NN8G

Easter Break

April 3, 2010

The next newsletter will be published within the next ten working days.  Progress has been made on the changes to the 12 volt audio amplifier, and the new amplifier is about to be released.  The new coil forms have been moved from the front ‘Home’ page to the bottom of the parts page.  We have so many projects and products that the on-line web page is becoming a little difficult to navigate. We hope you all have a great Easter Break and drive with care as there are a lot of us on the road for a little change from the winter season.  Best Wishes!  Glenn NN8G  pastimeprojects(at)