Update on Projects

There is so much going on. One lesson we are learning at Pastime Projects is don’t promise a completion date!  Just doesn’t work.  Still think its o.k. to tell you what is going on. (1) The new front panels for both versions of our new audio amplifiers are here in stock. (2) All other parts are in stock.  (3) The prototype of the 12 volt version passed with flying colors. (4) The electronics of the new version passed tests.  Now just have to build the prototype.  A new product is underway in which the prototype used a new one of our plug-in coil forms.  These are easy to work with and seem very rugged.  The newsletter is past due but it is coming.  No one is more anxious that I am to see these product introductions so have patience.  The regenerative receiver is slated for updates.  We want more versatile performance out of that receiver.  For those interested in the 200 volt power supply without the wood chassis please write.  These components continue to climb in cost, but our selling price will be determined on what we negotiated when purchased.  These new transformers, for instance,  will sell well below retail  and these came directly from the factory to us just months ago.   73  Glenn NN8G  pastimeprojects@yahoo.com


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