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July 28, 2010

The progress from here looks very good. Exciting and new products that look like they belong in an art museum. Of course, that’s our opinion!  But now we are inclined not to go into too much detail until they are on the shipping shelves in quantity.  Appreciate your patience.  We also get frequent emails about the quality and detail of our kits.  Thanks!  We will rebate 10% of any kits sold through the web page from today until Friday August 6th.  73 Glenn

Changes in Products and Prices

July 15, 2010

Some of the crystals we sell are no longer available. Others are available in the smaller sizes with wire leads as are popular in qrp work. The mailing costs on many of our super light weight items – such as crystals – are either no charge or reduced charge. Please email us for confirmation of your costs.  Glenn

Good News

July 5, 2010

We just received a couple emails at Pastime Projects. One described the 6V6 kit being used on field day on 40 meters along with the 40 meter CWAZ filter. Running a couple watts out into a dipole, the results were great.

Another email talked about the little ol “Look Ma” 12K5 qrp oscillator. This ham talked about a half mile on it ‘barefoot’. He then added a little amplifier kit, relay for switching antenna, and is hunting big game.

More on both of these later.  Experimentation and homebrew building is alive and well!  Glenn NN8G