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Audio amps

December 26, 2010

Friend ‘David’ sent many photos (and even a movie!) of his Pastime Projects audio amplifiers in use.� That’s a regenerative receiver operating in the upper right of the photo. I think that is an antenna tuner on the upper left.� The movie he sent illustrates lots of volume and great audio. David bought, built, and operates both the�vacuum tube and the solid state versions. He promises more info later. Thanks David!

Christmas Day

December 25, 2010

Christmas morning.  We would like to wish each of our friends and followers a very Merry Christmas.  It is our tradition.  We have learned over the years that there are other traditions.  Dad used to say “Too soon old, too late smart”.  Whatever your traditions, we hope you find Peace, Love, and Hope during this season.  I would encourage you to go back to that place,  at least in your heart of hearts, where Peace presides for you.  The traditions of old are often the door to the Grace we all seek.  Hope you have that peace in your heart, and we wish you a wonderful New Year  to come!   Welcome Home!   Glenn Pastime Projects NN8G

Busy, Busy

December 16, 2010

Lots going on here. The next run of “Mini-Woofen” (12 volt vacuum tube amplifiers) is underway. All parts are being placed in stock, yesterday a new lot of instruction manuals were printed, and all of the 12U7 vacuum tubes received were checked on our tube tester. These are advertised on our web site as well . The newsletter went out on schedule. We may publish another before end of December. We have a new dummy loadkit in production for small transmitters. Not advertised just yet. It will handle 8 watts max and has a fed-thru cap for monitoring.The 6V6 6L6 tubes from China were evaluated here. We now stock one that proved the best results, not on the tube tester, but based on output of the transmitter. All of the new tubes are ready to ship. Great deal at $10.00 each.

Lots on the bench. Stay tuned! Glenn NN8G