Latest News From Pastime Projects

We recently sold five 6V6 transmitter kits and  power supplies to members of a club who got together and assembled them as a club project.  Many are relatively new to ham radio,  and have purchased the latest equipment and have studied surface mount circuits in the past.   The instructor thought it would be good to experience the way it was done 50 years ago.

There are two regenerative receivers in the works. One is a revised version of the one we currently sell.  It will now come with plug in coils and cover more bands.  We have found other components which will cost less.  Overall cost should drop.   The other regenerative circuit is for AM broadcast band only.  It will be presented in a manner that anyone, with or without circuit building experience, should be able to put together.  The prototype is so easy to tune . We found the person who actually drew this design, and he is glad to see we are going to kit it.  Lots of excitement around here. The e-newsletter is very similar to this blog.  No pressure, just updates and gossip about what goes on at Pastime Projects.  E mail me if you want on the e newsletter list. It is free of course, and is published once a month or so, depending on when we find time…  Very best regards   Glenn


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