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April 26, 2011

The e-newsletter for April has been mailed to our list of readers.  A couple came back due to bad email addresses.  We were able to track these readers down and correct the email addresses.  Are you on the list?  These are interesting comments on activities at Pastime Projects along with some talk on technical issues, kit builders,  and a photo or two.  We had one suggestion from a friend to issue the news in PDF format and we will do that beginning with the next issue.  If you are not on the list just email us at pastimeprojects(at) (you will have to correct the email address “@”  for “at”.)   Best regards Glenn NN8G

Watch for eBay sales and eNewsletter

April 20, 2011

Several Pastime Projects items are again being listed on eBay. On the home page there is a link to eBay which you can click on to go directly to our items.  You can always hit backspace to return to the homepage.  In our new transmitter kit we substituted our 6L6 tubes for the various 6V6 tubes we have on hand. These 6L6 tubes are really great!  Remember we test each and every one in our transmitters.  You wont find another source of pre tested tubes in Class C Amateur Radio use to our knowledge.  We think this is a direct way of knowing we are offering a great tube for specific use in our ham radios.  We are less concerned with comparisons in tube testers, and we don’t need to match tubes (unless you are using push-pull or parallel ham transmitters, and, if you are, that is probably a home-brew rig.. If that is the case, tell us about it and we will match a couple of these 6L6 tubes at no charge for you.  73 Glenn (pastimeprojects(at)


April 15, 2011

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