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Vintage Ham Band Crystals

August 30, 2011

From an estate we have aquired many crystals. Many FT 243 style, a couple that came from the old BC610 workhorses, and many old round types.  These will all be cleaned, tested for activity in a vintage tube type Tri-Tet or similar oscillator, and checked for frequency.  Since these are one of a kind,  we will auction them individually on eBay.  We will certify that each has been tested before shipping.  We welcome your inquiry as to availability for your needs, whether as to style, frequency, pre auction price and so on.  Yes, we have many that will multiply to 2 and 6 meters as used in the old AM transmitters. Speaking of AM, we seem to have many at the top end of the 75 phone band. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.  This is a one time offer. As you know they dont make the old style crystals any more with the original crystal blanks sealed inside from 70 years or more ago.  Better invest now.. Please include a subject line in your email .