Transmitter Crystals

Pastime Projects is going to change the format for selling transmitter crystals on the web site.  We are going to list crystals individually along with their price so you can select which specific crystal you want.

The crystals will be sold with shipping costs included.  Please consider this when you compare other sources for your crystals.  The World War II  style crystals we use in old homebrew, surplus, and amateur transmitters from the 1950’s and 1960’s were FT-243 types.  These are roughly 3/4 inch wide, 3/8 thick, and 1 1/8 inches high.  Pins are spaced just slightly under 1/2 inch apart.  If you are buying crystals for the older handbook designs, or the commercially made tube transmitters of yesteryear,  you should stick with the FT-243 type (or equivalent) crystals.  This is especially true if you are using a one tube transmitter/oscillator.  The older crystals can handle more current than the miniature wire lead type crystals generally sold for use in qrp transmitters.

The Pastime Crystals we sell have, for the most part, been checked in our 6V6 transmit/oscillator units for operation, output, and frequency.  If you would like, you can email a request for this test to be performed for you at no charge here at Pastime Projects.

Please watch for these crystals to appear on the pages of our website .    73 Glenn NN8G


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