whats happening FT 243 crystals 6V6 6L6 tubes Dummy load kit.

We just discovered out little 5 watt dummy load kit disappeared from the web page.  www.pastimeprojects.com . We reinserted it on the parts components page and,  after checking inventory and starting another build cycle, we advertised the one in stock on eBay. It was sold before the ink was dry… So please take another look at this little kit as new ones go into our stock inventory.

It is a great way to catch up on a little bit of assembly and some easy soldering.  Large solder joints and heavy wires. Great project for the individual or a club.  Dummy load can handle up to 8 watts for short periods of time.  When the little box gets warm, just let it cool off a little. Great for qrp or cb rigs running 5 watts or so.  Monitor your signal, check power out, all without using an antenna and interfering with other stations.

Have you noticed the vacuum tubes and crystals we sell have a unique feature you wont find anywhere else?  We check them in actual transmitters for frequency and activity.   These will work in your ‘boat anchor’ or ‘homebrew’ tube type transmitter.  Each tube or crystal usually carries a certification tag.  If you want to be sure, just ask when you order.  They will work to your satisfaction.  Our FT-243 crystals are, for the most part, the original sealed units from the WW II period. They will handle more current than the typical small crystals sold today for qrp use.  If you are using crystals for 160, 80, 40, 20, 10, 6 or 2 meters, please email us at pastimeprojects@yahoo.com for the frequency range you are interested in.  We know some am rigs survive for 6 and 2 meter use, and we may be able to help.  We also have some high end 75 meter crystals that might be good for amplitude modulation. We simply dont have time right now to inventory all of the crystals so we will look for your specific needs as you ask. 

When you compare price,  remember is the other guy offering testing AND shipping and handling costs in his selling price?  Best regards Glenn NN8G


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