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“LOOKMA” 12K5 QRP Oscillator reintroduced

February 15, 2012

"LOOKMA" QRP oscillator kit returns

The little 12K5 oscillator that we introduced about 6 years ago was reintroduced in December, with a small run of kits put in stock.  The kit was then advertised on both and on eBay under our
selling name of “billglennbob”. These kits have proved popular and we are
scheduling another build.  They include the NOS 12K5 tube tested and certified and warranted, and a new crytsal on 7.03, 7.04, or 7.042 mHz. We ship these frequencies at random.  On eBay we did offer five kits with 7.04 crytsals but, at last check, there was just one left.  We do have some crytsals on 7mHz that are direct fits for the ceramic crystal holder supplied in the kit. Otherwise the new qrp size crystals are simply soldered across the pins on the crystal holder.  If you want a full size crystal (used but tested) we can subsitiute one in your kit at no change in price. As far as I know, these will be higher in the band – perhaps in the old novice portion of 40.  Anyhow, thanks for the interest. These will not set any DX records, but may work across a hamfest building.  It would be fun to build a simple modulator for these, and send a little AM broadcast.  We have experimented with this idea a little, but no results to report right now. 
Very Best Regards  Glenn NN8G