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Welcome EU Customers!

March 14, 2012

‘Alex’ in Switzerland is having great results with his “Remember When” 6V6 kit from Pastime Projects . Alex reports many great reports on his signal and much interest in the kit we provide from here in Ohio.

We have sold a few kits to the EU and a few to Asia, but we welcome  all inquiries!  We realize the shipping costs in our “Buy It Now” system is only good for the USA.  You can go to the “Contact Us” web page or simply email us at and we will work with you. 

We would ask that you include a subject name in your email.  The value of the kit will be stated accurately on the post office forms.  You will be responsible for delivery once we turn the package over to the post office.  We have never had a problem so far.  …

Let us hear from you Canadian and Europe Friends!  73 Glenn Pastime Projects.