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What good is it?

May 22, 2012

A couple days ago an eBay reader sent a question concerning our “Look Ma – No High Voltage” qrp 12K5 oscillator kit. His question was “if the power output is likely below a satisfactory communications level for qrp work, then what good is it?” .   It is fun to pick up a bunch of parts and assemble using a simple step by step manual.  Drilling, sanding, measuring, cutting wire and components and soldering. Attaching the power supply and watching that tube glow. Tune the output to maximum. Attach and antenna and call your buddy ham down the street. See if he hears you.  Check the frequency of the crystal suppied against your receiver.  See what changes you can make to improve the circuit.  Wind another coil and try another crystal and band. Feed an amplifier and increase power.   I hope that ham radio hasnt come down to “appliance operating” without trying some bench experiments along the way.  The American Radio Relay League and others spend a lot of money turning out very excellent handbooks full of information and circuits to help the radio amateur progress in the knowledge of how things work. 

Does everything we do have to result in a practical functional return on our investment?  What good is it?  Spend $39.00  and go create..  Best regards Glenn NN8G