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Dumilo II – QRP Dummy Load now on the shelves

July 18, 2012

The modification for the QRP dummy load to add RF detector components is now included in the new kits. The parts and instructions are also on the shelf for those who want to upgrade their original kits.  The new kits are $20.00 delivered in US and the mod kits are $5.00 to those previous buyers. The kits include three choices of resistors designed to match different voltmeter inputs. Common voltmeters have input impedances of 11, 10 or 1 megohms, and, by selecting the right resistor for your voltmeter,  your RF probe from the dummy load will read more accurately the actual power out.  Remember that all dummy loads have power vs time limitations.. Don’t exceed 5 watts maximum output into our dummy load without a cooldown period between application of power.  This simple rule will assure no overheating and the dummy load should last a lifetime of lab use..  73  Glenn NN8G


DUMILO II – – – QRP ham radio dummy load

July 3, 2012

Dumilo II is our qrp dummy load with the rf probe now included in the kit.  The rf probe samples the power and is available for measurement at the feed through junction on the side of the dummy load container.  The original Pastime Projects “Dumilo” kit was designed for this readout feature.  Because of this the planning,  installing  the  rf probe circuit is  quick, easy and inexpensive. Those who have purchased the original kit can purchase the upgrade for not much more than postage and handling from our location in Central Ohio.. All our new “Dumilo” QRP dummy load kits will include the upgrade in the kit package.  Watch for the product announcement on the home page of Pastime Projects  (  Glenn NN8G