Thanksgiving is a tradition our fathers started when they paused to see the results of their efforts to establish a colony in this country.  Tonight we drove to our little country village town and witnessed wagon after wagon delivering this years harvest to the grain storage elevators.

We worried about rain, storms, lack of rain, heat, drought, crop blights and yet we are given dry weather now to help us bring in this bountiful crop.  We are thankful for that.  You and I are still here, aren’t we? That is a blessing.  Our family will gather to give thanks.  We will take time to reach out to the less fortunate. 

I’m old enough to see that our fate is not due to luck.  We never were in control.  We think about these things at Thanks Giving time.  We turn to our Provider dear Father God and thank Him for our blessings.  We are blessed in so many ways..   Happy Thanksgiving..  Glenn Pastime Projects


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