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Spring Cleaning

February 23, 2013


Watch the Special Sale page of for sales. Watch the crystal page for additional crystals.       

The current sale of our regenerative receiver kits has cleaned out the stock. As you can imagine, the sale of this model is in preparation of  two replacement models.  The kit nearest completion is the AM band regenerative receiver, which is a great working but simpler design using a 12 volt vacuum tube.  It is built on a simple chassis, but uses a somewhat complicated ‘moving coil coupling’ for tuning.  Good news: the complicated part is prebuilt in each kit.

The new transmitter prototype has been tested on 160 meters.  Now going for 20 meters and others in addition to the current 160,80,and 40 meter operating  prototypes.  A new power supply is in the planning stage as well.  We would not recommend waiting for these kits at this time.  There is still plenty of time to buy and build our Remember When transmitter and Alham power supply.

The future of power supply kits is uncertain.  The cost of transformers continues way out of proportion to the general inflation we see on other goods.  We know the cost pressures on copper and other metals, but we cannot keep raising prices on our power supplies to accommodate the rising cost of transformers.  If you have the parts, knowledge, and ability to build your own power supplies we would recommend this as a hedge against cost increases.  Just be very carefull.  Best left to those expert in working around high voltages.. We will continue to work with voltages of 200 to 300 in the design of our kits.  You can have a lot of fun with 2 or 3 watts output, and the components (and todays crystals) of our kits loaf along at these power levels.

We plan to publish the e-newsletter each month, so one will be published very soon.  The newsletters may include info on many subjects, and have been welcomed by our readers in the past.  If you are not on the e-newletter list contact us now.  There is no obligation, and we do not share your information.  You can opt out anytime.  

Best regards  Glenn Brown for Pastime Projects