April First News Release Miniature Antennas

A friend wrote me this April 1st morning. Seems the weather had improved enough to allow him to get outside and work on his miniature magnetic capacitive semi loop antenna.

I wrote back to warn him:

“Just a warning to you Bill (name changed to protect the innocent) with your experimentation with reduced size antenna. Seem the more miniturized the antenna becomes the more intense the wave field. Sue my XYL, as you know, makes ear-rings out of radio parts. She has done this for years and sells them at the hamfests we attend.

Last autumn, as we were passing the broadcast tower of WCRP Cincinnati, She said she was picking up a signal. She was hearing the broadcast through the ear-rings! This continued half way through
Kentucky. This was done with nothing other than the two ear-rings. They had mini torriods, capacitors, and an LED or two…

We thought nothing more about it until two days later when we found She had sufferred RF burns on both ears. With a few days application
of Bag Balm Sue was back to normal.”

Please share this warning with your fellow amateurs. Be carefull out there! 73 Glenn NN8G pastimeprojects(at)yahoo(dot)com


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