More good news for Pastime Projects Crystals

We have been checking out an Eico 723 60 Watt CW Transmitter manufactured in the late 1950’s and 1960’s. To check this out we pulled one of our 40 meter 7.03 mHz crystals from stock. This is one of the FT 243 WW II type holders with a new hermetically sealed cystal installed inside. The transmitter sounded great with no drift, chirp, or other problem.

The Eico oscillator circuit looks just like the “grid-plate” type oscillators so common to designs in the Handbooks starting in the mid 1950s. This same oscillator type design is used in the Ameco AC-1.

If your boat anchor tube type amateur radio trasnmitter is from the 1950 era, chances are it has the “grid-plate” type oscillator. If it does, our crystals should work very well…

Again, if you are running a one tube transmitter, you may want to add our “crystal saver” incandescent lamp in series with the crystal. This may prevent loss of the crystal from excessive
current. Best Regards Glenn pastimeprojects at yahoo dot com

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