Special Sales page of www.pastimeprojects.com

Our current Special Sales page on http://www.pastimeprojects.com currently includes two pieces of equipment of interest to the radio amateur. An Eico 723 CW Transmitter and a Realistic DX-160 receiver.
The Eico was purchased at a hamfest. It tested ok as received. We bench tested it and replaced the filter capacitors which were the originals. We tested it into a dummy load on 40 and 80 meters while monitoring it on both commercial equipment and modern radio amateur recievers. All looks well. The Eico had been repainted and the appearance is great. Please contact us for further info. We want you to know what you are buying. We prefer selling this to a licensed ham who has experience with tube type transmitters. Transmitters can be damaged if not properly tuned. The other item, a Realistic DX-160 receiver came to us working but with no audio. Many hours later and with replacement of approximately 15 components, we have excellent audio.
While we have not fully calibrated either unit to original specifications, we think these are great values. We will warrant
these as working at time of shipment. The prices are negotiable.
Glenn pastimeprojects(at)yahoo(dot)com


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