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Download Electronic Kit Manuals from PastimeProjects

October 21, 2013

Pastime Projects has begun converting their manuals to PDF format. These manuals
for radio and electronic kit construction will be available on the web pages of Pastime Projects for your reading and
Hope this helps spread the interest in kit building of
ham receivers, transmitters, audio amps, and other electronic kits to the amateur radio community.
Please share the news with your friends and have them
visit 73 Glenn NN8G

WWV and Atomic Clocks

October 5, 2013

We have had trouble with our clock in the radio shack keeping time with the signal generated by WWV. This has been an ongoing problem. I think it is fixed. Our latest
newsletter from discussed the
issue in some detail with helpful hints. email us
for a free pdf file copy of our October 4 newsletter.
73 Glenn NN8G pastimeprojects (at)