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I think there are little green men!

October 4, 2014

I got into the Radio Amateur business way back when vacuum tubes were king. I read and re-read
the “Radio Amateur Handbooks” put out by the ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League) – They are still
publishing them – from cover to cover. I even read the technical stuff. Later, when I got into
the hobby and received the monthly QST Magazine, I would speed read each technical article to
discover what technical break-through the author found to advance the circuitry another step.

I could draw a transmitter schematic completely from memory. I passed the Commercial License
examination without studying. It was just interesting stuff to me. I really understood vacuum

Fortunately, I was still young and interested enough when transistors came along to grasp how
they functioned. This was about the same time I started college and flying saucers were in the
news a lot. I remember thinking, “Maybe they are right! The transistor was such a quantum leap
from the vacuum tube they learned the technology by reverse engineering the gadgets found aboard
the wrecked flying saucer!” To me that was just an interesting thought; to others, it became
an obsession.

Right now I am redesigning my regenerative receiver. And I have substituted toroid coils for the
old large plug in coil forms. The advantages of toroid coils are another example of a quantum
leap in technology.

Thanks to all you wonderful engineers out there for bringing us so far forward in a relatively
short time! Or should I be thanking the Little Green Men? 73 and enjoy building something.
Glenn Brown NN8G for Pastime Projects..