More HF Antenna Work

Since the September blog write-up  I have had more HF antenna problems. The 80/75 meter antenna recently described started showing intermittent operation.  I was concerned that the connections at the center conductor were not properly cleaned and making good contact.  At the same time I started having similar problems with the 160 meter extended zep dipole antenna.

I replaced both with Budwig Molded Products HYE-QUE Antenna Connector Number #HQ-1 types. See for more information. These are rated at “full legal power”.  The web site gives proper tying and soldering procedures for the center conductor to dipole wires. The result is good strength and long lasting results. Be sure to use the rubberized water proofing material mentioned in the September blog.

These replaced more complicated center conductors that used eye bolts, screws, nuts, and other hardware. Nothing can be simpler or more straight forward than tying wire to wire and soldering.

Your local amateur radio dealer may have the Budwig products on hand. Check it out and best regards..  Glenn Brown NN8G  pastimeprojects (at) yahoo (dot)com..


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