Power Output of the New Pastime Projects 6V6/6L6 MC Transmitter Kit



Here is more info on the power output of the little 6V6/6L6 MC Kit.

Test Frequency was 7.042 MHz with 6L6MGC (China) vacuum tube. Measured into a 50 ohm dummy load. Wattmeter used was a Oak Hills WM-2 . New prototype Pastime Projects PP PS MC Power Supply running approximately 200 VDC..(Pictured)

Under these conditions, power output was approximately 2.2 watts. (Results on 3.515 and 3.580 were about the same using an 80 meter plug in coil and 80 meter crystal) .Switching back to the 40 meter coil and crystal, we tested the kit using a Laboratory Grade regulated power supply with the following results:  200 VDC SETTING EQUALLED APPROX 2 3/4 WATTS OUTPUT.  250 VDC SETTING EQUALLED APPROX 4 3/4 WATTS, 300 VDC SETTING RESULTED IN 7 1/2 WATTS, AND  350 VDC EQUALLED 10 WATTS. (6L6MGC)

The New prototype Pastime Projects Power Supply modified  provided 9 1/4 watts output.  This modification is not available in production at this time. The results of your set up may vary from the above results.

73 Glenn Brown    www.pastimeprojects.com


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