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What is next at Pastime Projects?

July 5, 2015

Got an email from one of our customers wondering why we didn’t make the output on our 6V6/6L6
transmitter kit a pi-network instead of link output. Very good question! Probably one factor
in our decision was the cost of the change. Variable capacitors are expensive. The chassis size
would probably have to be larger also. But, these are not big issues. He is probably right; we
should revisit the pi-output design.
Some of the projects underway now include:
1. Regenerative receiver with tube(s) and toroid coils – Short Wave design with capability
to tune ham radio cw, am, and ssb in a rudimentary fashion. Status at this time is a prototype
6 – 10 MHz model that is very promising. Needs to be simplified for easy duplication as a kit.
Current model runs on 12 volts dc. No project completion date set.
2. Our low pass filter design converted to PCB configuration. We have the tools but not
the talent or time to complete this task. Interested in volunteering your expertise in this
very basic board design?
3. Vacuum Tube T-R switch based on vintage Handbook designs for handling our transmitter/
receiver interconnection automatically transferring from transmit to receive mode. Well underway
with this project.
4. Simple receiver design, probably solid state, to allow reception of cw along with our

Any ideas or suggestions? Let me know. Glenn W8JZI(at)ARRL(dot)NET or go to contact us
page of http://www.pastimeprojects.com7.28.09 prod