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Pastime Projects Metal Chassis Transmitter Kit added value.

February 27, 2016

The Pastime Projects 6V6/6L6 vacuum tube HF transmitter kit has been updated with coils and instructions for 80 meter CW operation.  This is in addition to the 40 meter operation previously included.

The operation change from 40 to 80 meters requires only a change in the plug in coil and a change in the transmitting crystal.  Simple and quick.

The manual now includes the drilling and winding instructions for both frequencies.  It has been our practice to include the coil form and wire for winding the coil in the kit.  Now both coils, one for 40 and one for 80 will be included in the package.  Of course, the builder will  have to wind the coils, but that’s half the fun!

Already purchased our kit?  Just write and we will send the updated version at a no charge other than postage and handling.    73  Glenn  for