After 10 years of production our little 40 meter do it yourself code practice oscillator kit faces a price increase.  We recently looked at our costs in today’s market as compared to what we paid in 2006.  The increase is effective immediately. You will still get the same pre-wound coil, a new qrp style crystal, and the detailed instruction manual we have strived to improve over the years.  While this is considered a “transmitter” kit, we very
plainly describe its communication ability as “most likely won’t be heard next door”. You kit builders know that it’s still a thrill to follow instructions and build something yourself.

Remember When QRP 40 M transmitter

Happy Building!  73 Glenn for Pastime Projects   pastimeprojects(at)yahoo(dot)com










  1. T. Boyd Says:

    I’m glad you are persevering in keeping up this end of ham radio – the type of stuff that I had in the beginning when I was 14 or so. (WN5JHD)->W5JHD->K8LUQ->KB4LIH->KO4WK

    • r3tr0rad Says:

      Thank you! It’s fun to introduce the creative side of life to those who
      have never enjoyed reading, planning, making, testing and bringing to life
      an item made with your own skills. Thanks again!

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