20 Meter Version Pastime Projects “Remember When” 6V6 Transmitter Kit Dropped

Further experiments with the 6V6 “Remember When” Pastime Projects 20 meter version of the Handbook published “Slat Board” wood chassis 40/80 meter CW Transmitter has been halted. Seems the 1940 Amateur Radio do-it-yourselves guys
knew what we had to discover ourselves. Instabilities that begin to show themselves on 80 and 40 meters become game changers on 20 meters. While the crystal seemed stable and chirp free with careful adjustment on the bench while transmitting into a dummy load, connecting to an antenna changed the situation. Even with a carefully tuned 50 ohm match, the capacitor value became sensitive to close-by variables. In our own terms, this means if my hand was
within 12 inches or so of the capacitor, resonance was lost or greatly degraded. It quit working or went off
frequency! Lesson learned. (1) Wood chassis do not shield coils and capacitors from surrounding effects. (2) Instabilities in RF circuits become worse at higher frequencies. (3) Better respect your Grandpa’s designs! They
knew what they were doing.. (4) Unless you plan to operate ten feet away from your slat board 6V6 transmitter, twenty meters on the Pastime Projects “Remember When” 6V6 Transmitter is not going to work.
Got to keep your sense of humor in this business and, for goodness sake, don’t EVER quit experimenting!

By the way, the origin of the “Remember When” name for our kit is explained on page two of our instruction manual.

Very best wishes and don’t let that soldering iron get cold! Glenn for pastimeprojects(at)yahoo(dot)com.rem kit a (2)


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