“LookMa” Oscillator Kit available without 12K5 Tube for savings.

The price of our little 12K5 40 meter oscillator kit recently increased due to the scarcity and
price increase to us for 12K5 “space charge” tubes. The tube, of course, has long been out of
production. It has the unique property of being able to function at 12 volts dc ON THE PLATE.
Due to this very low dc power, the output power is a fraction of a watt, compared to, for instance,
a higher voltage tube such as a 6aq5 which can product 2 to 4+ watts on higher voltage DC inputs.
(Tubes are not interchangeable in the circuit. – Check your tube manual). The 12K5 tubes are advertised
on eBay as well as many other sources on the internet. Just do a search for 12K5 Tubes.
We will offer our kit for $35.00 less the tube, plus $5.00 S&H in the US.
This kit will not produce enough signal to contact other radio amateurs, but it is a learning tool,
and can be used for code practice within the shack. Very best regards Glenn W8JZI for

"LOOKMA" QRP oscillator kit returns

“LOOKMA” QRP oscillator kit returns


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