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August 9, 2016

Today we are offering a special on our pastime projects 6V6 MC 80 Kit. This kit includes a wound and tested
Output plug in coil tested on 80 meters in our shop. In addition, we will include a new 3.5795 crystal element assembled in a FT-243 or similar style vintage type crystal holder. These are assembled and tested here, both
on a communications monitor and in a completed 6V6MC 80 Kit. These crystals are performing well for us in the
lab here at Pastime Projects, especially using our QRP mode power supply at 200 volts. The crystals have been
tested at 350 VDC with good results, but we are not ready to warranty the crystals at this time. For a limited
time we will also offer free shipping within the US. Delivery may run a little longer depending on demand,
but we are starting to build stock in advance of orders. 73 best wishes Glenn Brown for and pastimeprojects(at)yahoo(dot)com.

How to Paint an aluminum chassis at home – the Pastime Projects Way

August 3, 2016

I have an aluminum chassis with some scratches on the surface. The usual methods of preparing the surface include sanding, etching, several methods of cleaning and final preparation of the surface using caustic materials and/or
primers and so on.
I liked the old timer radio chassis look of the 1940’s and 1950’s with the crinkled black finish. I also like the
“Radio Kit” approach of the 1960’s where the look went to cool “crinkle finish” variations in green-blue
shades of color.
For preparation I washed the chassis with warm soap and water, then wiped it dry with a very soft “bar towel”.
I made cardboard cutouts the size of the vacuum tube flanges. I purchased some double-sided tape and covered one
side of the cardboard cutouts with this tape. After trim, I located these on the metal chassis. Most of the other holes on the chassis were covered with AVERY #6733 “Color Coding Labels”. I have seen these used for pricing things at garage sales.
Many stores carry the “Rust-Oleum” Brand of spray paints. I found Rust-Oleum “Multicolored



Textured” spray paint at Walmart in 239119 Sea Green. Looks a lot like the old Radio Kit color of yesteryear. Now here is where my unprofessional thinking logic really kicked in. I figured if Momma sent her beer-drinking hubby out to paint the patio furniture, he is going to use the easiest product on the market. That way he can get back to cooking those steaks as soon as possible. Just what I needed. Very little prep, quick drying, very forgiving, and really nice
results. Just be sure you spray outdoors and away from fires and flames.
This chassis prep progress will continue. Watch for future blogs.
Just remember, I am no expert, and simple share my ideas with you. This takes time, and would appreciate it if
you share with friends, just include a little note this was first seen on Pastime Projects R3tr0rad’s Blog page,
written by Glenn Brown in August 2016. Visit and hit “Contact Us” or simply mail
pastimeprojects(at)yahoo(dot)com with your thoughts. 73 Glenn