Progress update – Pastime Projects new power supply for “Remember When” 6V6 Transmitter Kit.



The prototype parts selection and acquisition is almost complete.  Parts are ordered and stock supplies are being arranged in the shelves.  The Amish have finished the first run of the wonderful oak slats and end blocks.  The length of the new power supply is shorter than the old power supply.  The weight will be less – a good thing when mailing!  The power out is equal to or better than the original design.  Again,  we are staying pretty conservative with 2 or 3 watts out on both 40 and 80 meter cw.

This is a really nice piece of art and will look good in your old tube type ham radio shack.  Now if you have purchased a “Look Ma” transmitter and or power supply from us in the last ten years, and you are interested in the new matching power supply, please contact us ASAP.  We want to get these out and tested in the field,  so now is your chance!   We will make it worth your while one way or the other..     73 Glenn W8JZI for  or  pastimeprojects(at)yahoo(dot)com


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