Pastime Projects Regenerative Receiver Kit Redesign Coming

7.28.09 prod

The regenerative receiver kit is returning to the catalogue of radio enthusiasts kits.
The design was redeveloped around the 40 meter ham band range. It receives AM foreign broadcast, cw, single side band with patience, and radio amateur AM stations. It is not recommended for use as a main receiver for radio amateur stations. Regen receivers tend to require careful tuning. They show more drift than commercial receivers.
But they are fun for beginners, short wave listeners, and experimenters. Our design now has been tested on the
3.5 MHz range, and 80 meter ham bands are being heard. The kit includes some unusual features. One is the use of
a “space charge” type tube that uses 12 volts on the plate as well as the filament. That means this receiver will be powered by your 12 volt DC power supply. The kit is somewhat difficult, but assembly, wiring,, and testing are explained in detail in the step by step manual that is included in the kit. Stay tuned for more! 73 Glenn for Pastime Projects (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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