Pastime Projects “Remember When” 6V6 Transmitter Kit 40 Meter Special



40 Meter Special Edition

Thanks to the suggestion of one of our overseas amateur radio builders, this kit has been packaged as a 40 meter Special Edition. The trend of 40 meter operation using low power cw is growing in popularity. This kit includes the three coils, plate, antenna link, and cathode coil, pre wound and packaged with the kit.
In exchange for the labor and cost to include these prefinished coils, the common 8 penny nails used for coil winding have been excluded from the kit. Also, the extra wire for winding the 80 meter coils is not included.
The coil winding form layout and winding information are, of course, still part of the provided manual. Our design includes Amish prepared oak strips and end pieces, brass screws, “sucker sticks”, and other hardware just like the original. Many of the components are new (and we think more reliable than originals) but the retro look remains.
This kit will operate on 40 meter or 80 meter CW ham radio frequencies with power out in the 2 to 5 watt (or more) range. It is crystal controlled. Change from one band to the other requires different coils be soldered in. The 40 meter version seems most popular among our builders.. The manual that comes with this kit contains step by step instructions for assembly, wiring, and soldering. The vacuum tube is included. The builder will need a crystal and power supply.
To put this kit on the air a license, antenna, and power supply will be required. The builder should be familiar with working around high voltage before applying power to this kit.


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