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Old radios and New Hams

September 19, 2017

In the October 2017 QST Magazine Tom Gallagher NY2RF , ARRL Chief Executive Officer, wrote a commentary about new hams (radio amateurs).  He noted that of the thousands of newly licensed hams each year, nearly half never get on the air.

Please take time to open your October 2017 QST to page 9 and read Tom’s editorial “Second Century – A learning Moment”.  This is a call to arms for us more experienced hams to remember our elmers (Mentors) who showed us the way.  We need to take the time and effort to get back to basics and help the new hams get on the air.  ARRL is doing its share but this needs some one-on-one training as well.

Pastime Projects ( has manufactured radio amateur projects  from the 1940 and later eras.  (Grandpa’s radios).  We are proposing to write do-it-yourself articles for new hams.  Our format tends to be very fundamental,  without too much engineering data.   The hows, not the whys.  What media would best suit our articles?  Would a PDF file emailed to you be worthwhile?   Read through our past POSTS and see if this format would work for you.

Pastime Projects has a new regenerative receiver kit.  Our  biggest concern is its a little complicated.  We are considering offering it as a multi step mailing in increments so that the builder tackles one assembly step  at a time.  Good idea?  Let me know.  W8JZI Glenn Brown, owner, Pastime Projects.   pastimeprojects (at)  yahoo (dot) com.