Coil Improvements – Pastime Projects 6V6MC Transmitter Kit

The 6V6 MC (Metal Chassis) coil consists of an octal base coil form. The kit builder winds the coil for 80 or 40 meter ham band operation. It includes a second winding which matches 50 ohms load. (Your antenna system.) It is difficult to wind, count, strip and draw the coil wires down into the proper pins in the bottom of the coil base. Since the coil form consists of a base which is edge glued to a plastic tube, the joint can be somewhat fragile. Instructions are included with each coil on how to re-glue.

In order to make the tube coil form a little stronger, we came up with some large heat shrink material to support the joint. The assembled coils will include this heat shrink ‘belt’ for added strength.

We hope you appreciate this change. Perhaps it will help you through the coil winding procedure with a little less frustration. Best regards, Glenn Brown for Pastime Projects.

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