Pastime Projects – Special Sales – Keyboard Keyers

On our website we have a page for used equipment which can be reached by using the “buttons” a the top of the home (index) page. It is called “Special Sales”. We have a lot of used equipment to list. We will try to describe it as honestly and accurately as possible.

Today we are listing (2) used MFJ – 451 Keyboard Keyers with manual. These send messages through ham radio stations by converting typed letters to Morse code and sending its output to radio transmitters. We looked up on the internet and saw one recently sold for $67.00 . We also have a Zenith ZKB-3 163-86 (an IBM -AT Compatible keyboard) which we purchased to try with the Keyers. (Being advertised on the internet for $170.00)

We tested these units with the keyboard and had good results. More photos and description will be added to the “Special Sales” as time allows. We are not expert at solid state devices, computers, keyboards, and therefore cannot fully test these items. We will guarantee you will get an honest evaluation before you buy.

If this is the kind of thing you like to play with, please make us an offer directly to our email address. No offer will be binding until you and I agree on all transactions.

Regards – Glenn Brown for Pastime Projects. (See “contact us” page)

Keyboard Keyers Pastime Projects Feb 2021

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