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Power Output of the New Pastime Projects 6V6/6L6 MC Transmitter Kit

May 28, 2015


Here is more info on the power output of the little 6V6/6L6 MC Kit.

Test Frequency was 7.042 MHz with 6L6MGC (China) vacuum tube. Measured into a 50 ohm dummy load. Wattmeter used was a Oak Hills WM-2 . New prototype Pastime Projects PP PS MC Power Supply running approximately 200 VDC..(Pictured)

Under these conditions, power output was approximately 2.2 watts. (Results on 3.515 and 3.580 were about the same using an 80 meter plug in coil and 80 meter crystal) .Switching back to the 40 meter coil and crystal, we tested the kit using a Laboratory Grade regulated power supply with the following results:  200 VDC SETTING EQUALLED APPROX 2 3/4 WATTS OUTPUT.  250 VDC SETTING EQUALLED APPROX 4 3/4 WATTS, 300 VDC SETTING RESULTED IN 7 1/2 WATTS, AND  350 VDC EQUALLED 10 WATTS. (6L6MGC)

The New prototype Pastime Projects Power Supply modified  provided 9 1/4 watts output.  This modification is not available in production at this time. The results of your set up may vary from the above results.

73 Glenn Brown

Pastime Projects 6V6 Transmitter Kit Features

April 1, 2015

The new 6V6 MC Transmitter being introduced by Pastime Projects is a single tube CW (code) transmitter for use in the HF Amateur Radio Bands. The initial offering will be for 40 Meter Band operation. It is a vacuum tube kit which the buyer assembles. A complete manual is provided for those with technical ability and experience to assemble and operate. The design is based on circuits commonly used in the 1960 era of amateur radio. Some features of this project are described on the home page of the Pastime Projects Home Page found at

If you are interested in purchasing one of these kit when they are released, you can get on the first come, first served list by contacting pastimeprojects(at)yahoo(dot)com.  73 Glenn for Pastime Projects

HF Antenna Work

September 16, 2014

The tower here at home in Ohio was erected by the previous owner. The house was built
in 1976. Some of three-section tower rungs had rusted through. It was time to take it down.
Unfortunately, I was not anxious to replace it at today’s costs. It held the center of
my 40/80 meter dipole about 24 feet above ground , and could be lowered by a rope and pulley.
The east end slanted upwards into a tree. The west end was tied to a 15 foot post.
Some local hams volunteered to take down the tower, so down it came! The dipole was tied
off to the tower support on the side of the house. The dipole was still on the rope and pulley,
so I could lower it nearer the ground. I lowered it to inspect the center insulator and wire.
Inspection showed the 20 plus year old antenna needed replacement.
I had some like new 14 AWG 7 strand copper Clad steel wire in storage. The old handbook formulas
indicate each leg should be 62.4 ft. long. (Resonant at 3.75 MHz, right in the center of the band).
I cut two wires about 63+ ft. to allow for tying the ends. My tuner can compensate for the actual
operating frequency and I like both CW and Phone.
I temporarily hoisted the antenna and went to the shack to check the SWR on both 80 and 40
meters. I use an MFJ 259B Antenna Analyzer to check SWR before applying transmitter power. The
SWR was tunable to very low values on both 80 and 40 meters!
It has been over a month since the tower came down. In almost daily use on day-time 75 phone,
the results of the lowered height trap-less dipole have been most satisfactory. Operation has
always been at 200 watts output or less. Be sure to clean and solder or otherwise secure a good
electrical connection at the center insulator. Order some “COAX-SEAL” ( to
waterproof your connection. Find a couple ceramic egg-shaped end insulators for the ends of your
If you are new to HF, please consider the adventure. It is a wonderful part of the Amateur
Radio experience.
Please note I not an expert at anything, other than growing older. Enjoy this hobby and
“be careful out there”. 73 Glenn Brown for Pastime Projects.

“LookMa” 12K5 Oscillator kit gets Review from CQ Magazine

April 8, 2014

Pastime Project’s little 12K5 “transmitter” kit was originally written up in May 2006
CQ Magazine. Seven years later Rich Moseson, W2VU, Editor of CQ Magazine, writes of
his experiences with the Kit described in the original article.
It is highly recommended reading. You can learn more at
We still sell the little kit on our web page. It can be useful as a code practice oscillator
by listening to the output in a nearby receiver. Great fun constructing and following
the do-it-yourself instruction manual. Please read Rich’s article. Visit
Might want to send
along your subscription to CQ magazine at the same time!
Live outside US Postal Service? Contact us for quote.
73 Glenn NN8G for Pastime Projects…

Pastime Projects Vintage style 6V6 Tube Type CW Transmitter – Another reveiw.

February 8, 2014

We would like to thank Amateur Radio Operator WB0FDJ Clarence for his writeup in eHamNet of our slat board
vintage style 6V6 CW 80/40 meter CW kit. See It is reviews like
this that bring others to our web page . Thanks Clarence and happy operating!
Glenn pastimeproject(at)

Correction to home page

December 13, 2013

We recently discovered that the PDF file for the Pastime Projects 5 watt dummy load instruction manual was not coming up when we clicked on the button on the home page.
Today we corrected that. Now you can see the entire manual at no charge. Please let us know if it doesnt work.
email pastimeprojects AT
We have two of the prototype kits of the 6V6MC 40 meter
crystal controlled cw transmitter left in stock. These are the ones we fully assembled here and tested. These use a metal chassis which was prepared by hand. The producton kits use a commercial water jet prepared chassis and these are true do it yourself kits. If you are ready to order the actual kits, please email us. We are close enough to
production to start considering orders.
73 Glenn

More Free Manuals for Pastime Projects Kits

November 25, 2013

Today we released the manual for the Pastime Projects 6V6 slat board vintage style
transmitter kit, our “Remember When” kit that covers
80 and 40 meter amateur radio bands using cw (code)
This manual is available in PDF form on our web page.
It allows a potential buyer to look over the project in detail before placing his or her order. It also allows
Pastime Projects to eliminate the hard copy of the manual in the kits. Changes to the manual should be easier to accomplish.
We will continue to post our assembly manuals as fast as
possible. We hope this encourages more radio amateurs to
gain understanding of the level and detail of the manuals we provide as well as encourage more building by todays technicians.
Thanks for your interest and encouragement.
Glenn pastimeprojects(at)

Download Electronic Kit Manuals from PastimeProjects

October 21, 2013

Pastime Projects has begun converting their manuals to PDF format. These manuals
for radio and electronic kit construction will be available on the web pages of Pastime Projects for your reading and
Hope this helps spread the interest in kit building of
ham receivers, transmitters, audio amps, and other electronic kits to the amateur radio community.
Please share the news with your friends and have them
visit 73 Glenn NN8G