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June 15, 2012

Just received an email from a ham in South Carolina that used our  Pastime Projects “Look Ma” 12K5 tube 40 meter cw oscillator kit to make contact with a fellow QRP enthusiast in Pennsylvania using his mini milliwatt kit on the 40 meter band.  Here are some excerpts from his email “This is the second qrp rig that I have built, and I have to say, it is quickly becoming my favorite” …” It is a simple kit to build” … “The only thing I did not like was the crystal did not fit into the beautiful ceramic crystal socket that was included in the kit”. “I would recommend this to anyone who loves to build and maybe learn something new”…”I really hope you guys continue to sell this rig…”

You will hear more from this Ham Operator.  Sure got us excited.  Very best regards  Glenn  www.pastimeprojects.comPastime Projects 12K5 Tube Type 40 Meter QRP Qscillator Kit


Vintage Ham Radio Crystals and a new web page

April 26, 2012 has so many vintage crystals for sale.  These include the old round Blily Crystals. Some have the original boxes. We have a few of the old big cyrstals as used in the mighty BC-610 of World War 2 era. Many many surplus crystals including the FT 243 styles. These are stocked mostly to accomodate our vintage 6V6 home brew transmitter kits, but they are available to anyone. Some are original sealed cases. We have some that are new crystals inserted and tested in the old FT 243 cases. 

Right now we have highlighted some of the 80 meter crystals on our new web page. Please check it out at and click on Crystals page button.