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Pastime Projects rights to copy

July 10, 2018

The Pastime Projects ( web site contains warnings about copyright
terms and conditions. This may frighten away those experimenters who are inspired by the
vintage makeup of our kits. That is the last thing we want to do! Please email us at
pastimeprojects(at)yahoo(dot)com for permission to copy or request copies of our materials.
We are “Makers” “do it yourselfers” handy men, or what ever you call yourself!
Let us hear from you! How can we help you?

How to Paint an aluminum chassis at home – the Pastime Projects Way

August 3, 2016

I have an aluminum chassis with some scratches on the surface. The usual methods of preparing the surface include sanding, etching, several methods of cleaning and final preparation of the surface using caustic materials and/or
primers and so on.
I liked the old timer radio chassis look of the 1940’s and 1950’s with the crinkled black finish. I also like the
“Radio Kit” approach of the 1960’s where the look went to cool “crinkle finish” variations in green-blue
shades of color.
For preparation I washed the chassis with warm soap and water, then wiped it dry with a very soft “bar towel”.
I made cardboard cutouts the size of the vacuum tube flanges. I purchased some double-sided tape and covered one
side of the cardboard cutouts with this tape. After trim, I located these on the metal chassis. Most of the other holes on the chassis were covered with AVERY #6733 “Color Coding Labels”. I have seen these used for pricing things at garage sales.
Many stores carry the “Rust-Oleum” Brand of spray paints. I found Rust-Oleum “Multicolored



Textured” spray paint at Walmart in 239119 Sea Green. Looks a lot like the old Radio Kit color of yesteryear. Now here is where my unprofessional thinking logic really kicked in. I figured if Momma sent her beer-drinking hubby out to paint the patio furniture, he is going to use the easiest product on the market. That way he can get back to cooking those steaks as soon as possible. Just what I needed. Very little prep, quick drying, very forgiving, and really nice
results. Just be sure you spray outdoors and away from fires and flames.
This chassis prep progress will continue. Watch for future blogs.
Just remember, I am no expert, and simple share my ideas with you. This takes time, and would appreciate it if
you share with friends, just include a little note this was first seen on Pastime Projects R3tr0rad’s Blog page,
written by Glenn Brown in August 2016. Visit and hit “Contact Us” or simply mail
pastimeprojects(at)yahoo(dot)com with your thoughts. 73 Glenn

“LookMa” 12K5 Oscillator kit gets Review from CQ Magazine

April 8, 2014

Pastime Project’s little 12K5 “transmitter” kit was originally written up in May 2006
CQ Magazine. Seven years later Rich Moseson, W2VU, Editor of CQ Magazine, writes of
his experiences with the Kit described in the original article.
It is highly recommended reading. You can learn more at
We still sell the little kit on our web page. It can be useful as a code practice oscillator
by listening to the output in a nearby receiver. Great fun constructing and following
the do-it-yourself instruction manual. Please read Rich’s article. Visit
Might want to send
along your subscription to CQ magazine at the same time!
Live outside US Postal Service? Contact us for quote.
73 Glenn NN8G for Pastime Projects…

Download Electronic Kit Manuals from PastimeProjects

October 21, 2013

Pastime Projects has begun converting their manuals to PDF format. These manuals
for radio and electronic kit construction will be available on the web pages of Pastime Projects for your reading and
Hope this helps spread the interest in kit building of
ham receivers, transmitters, audio amps, and other electronic kits to the amateur radio community.
Please share the news with your friends and have them
visit 73 Glenn NN8G

Prototype Pastime Projects Metal Chassis 6V6/6L6 transmitter on sale.

June 30, 2013

Assembled and Tested!

Assembled and Tested!

The new Pastime Projects 6V6 transmitter kit has been built and tested as a prototype. The difference between the prototype and the production models is the chassis. The metal chassis on the prototypes was machined by hand. The production chassis are cut in a high pressure water jet precision tooling machine. The prototypes were assembled and tested here and look and work great! Allow us a little time to get these out the door to you. There was a total of
7 or 8, and when they ship we will start packing the production kits with parts, manuals, and instruction manuals. This design is based on conventional handbook
designs of the late 1950’s and 1960’s. Operating on 40 meters. 3 to 10 watts of cw output into 50 ohms..
COME AND GET’EM Glenn for Pastime Projects

Vintage Ham Radio Crystals and a new web page

April 26, 2012 has so many vintage crystals for sale.  These include the old round Blily Crystals. Some have the original boxes. We have a few of the old big cyrstals as used in the mighty BC-610 of World War 2 era. Many many surplus crystals including the FT 243 styles. These are stocked mostly to accomodate our vintage 6V6 home brew transmitter kits, but they are available to anyone. Some are original sealed cases. We have some that are new crystals inserted and tested in the old FT 243 cases. 

Right now we have highlighted some of the 80 meter crystals on our new web page. Please check it out at and click on Crystals page button.